It's Safe I'm Not Here

by The Wisers

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The Wisers’ debut, It’s Safe I’m Not Here, recorded at the iconic Canadian Bathouse, is a “shambolic, alcoholic, Canrock record that recalls such other of this nation’s better, back-to-basics, blue-
collar, red-meat guitar bands such as The Sam Roberts Band, Sloan, The Trews, The Sheepdogs and, yeah, even some Hip shaken in for good measure.” (-Mike Bell, Calgary Herald)


released March 22, 2014

The Wisers are:
Chad Thomas, Guitars, Vocals
Darryl Swart, Drums
Greg Peace, Bass, BGVs
JJ Shiplett, Guitars, BGVs

Made possible by Rawlco Radio's 10k20 Grant
All songs written by Chad Thomas
Recorded at The Bathouse, Bath, Ontario
Produced by The Wisers
Engineered by Nyles Spencer
Mixed by Nyles Spencer at The Bathouse
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, Montreal
Additional recording by Darryl Swart at Red Tree Studios in Calgary, AB
BGVs on "Slow Groove": Jordan Ostrom


all rights reserved



The Wisers Calgary, Alberta

Four pals playing Rock & Roll

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Track Name: Get Low
I've been looking you up
You’re on the short side
You've been looking me down, But I'm the better man
You've been kicking around, like the tough guy
But if i’m asleep at the switch you’ll be a nobody

Oh you gotta get low
(Some people…)
Oh you gotta get low
(…Never get it)
Oh you gotta get low
(Some people…)
Oh you gotta get low
(…Never feel it)

I've been playing the game
But I'm the wrong man
I've been dealing my best years away
Even my brother said i’m a fat cat
I could keep up the lie or tell it straight

Everybody take a turn on the line
Raise a hand for the working man
He’s got the right sense of what he should do
He’ll be steady for years to come
Track Name: Outsider
Don’t know a lot about you
Don’t care to learn
Don’t know which way is out but
I’d rather be there

Leave me out on my own
Don’t like the inside
Live it up on your own
I’m on the outside

Going north with my soul
I don’t belong here
I’ll be fine in the cold
Cause i was made there

Don’t know where you might come from
Don’t care to learn
Might be from California
I’d rather be here

Came in under northern lights
Where the cold winds blow, but you’re warm inside
Look in my eyes, maybe see what i see
Just a fortunate man, in a sandstone city
Track Name: The Devil's in the Suburbs
Do it all right
Long days in the city
Just a standup kid
Keeping it steady

Turn up the heat
Put your money where you mouth is
It’s a dance and a fight
And the weighin’s coming

The devil’s in the suburbs
He’s troubling the ramblers

Young man
You’re not winning
But not ready to bow

He throws lefts
You keep coming
That kids going down

Move out
Into the middle
He’s getting ready to fall

He Couldn’t a known
Just what was coming
Took 10 counts down

Get in the corner
Bright lights and the people
When the hands go up
You’d better not be sleeping

The devil’s in the suburbs
He’s troubling the ramblers
Track Name: Sweat Dance
He's been roaming around
Some menial town
No guarantees
Just a ticket away
He'll be on to the next
Living hand to mouth
Maybe head to the south
Never been so clear
She’s starting to fade

You’re gonna get it, Alright

You’re never gonna see me again,
Sweat dance and a bottle of rye
You sir have got a serious problem
You're going home alone tonight

The kid’s taking it deep
You're all feelin’ his heat
Into the night
He’s got a solid beat
And smooth shuffling feet
Said he’s starting to loose
The best part of his groove
I said kid get back
Back up on your cool

You’re gonna get it, Alright
Track Name: Ms Youth
Call me son
Oh, I don’t want to be done
With the feeling i get
When the road is open wide

Get me out
Oh i never hoped for this one
If I make a move now
I might not fade away

Last night, She said
It’s not time for you to grow old yet
And then, She danced
Swayed her hips in a specious trance, said
Do you recall what it feels like
To see the future in bright lights

Meet me there
In that house on the hill
I’m gonna give her tonight
A return ticket to her youth

Call my name
Let the walls be witness
That today, we’re live
Tomorrow can hang on

I'm on the level
Hanging on to a feeling, me,
you, follow my lead

Short of pretending
there’s no difference,
With youth, it’s always, just a feeling
I said with youth, it’s always just a feeling
So just remember to dance...
Track Name: Miles
I have been to the other side
I have been where they sleep
I have seen what will become of us
Babe I'll tell you what will be

Don't you go before me now
Listen ann, no oh oh

Curtain closes say good night
The lights are waiting for 
Our entrance over to the other side
The myths don't hold
The streets are gold
I know we’re going together

Cause we've got many miles to go

I do wonder where the days will go
Does it keep on movin up
Does it bond a tighter hold between
Or will time shake loose the glue

I do dream about tomorrow some
I do love most every day
It’s just that there’s so much good life to come
Babe I hope it never ends
Track Name: White Woman
She's a demon That skinny white gal
I read the warnings, even scared myself
So I promised just one night
But she stayed till the morning light
Bed-in well into next week
Not pretty and she's starting to wreak
You kick her out but she pulls a fat fit
I vow to do it when winter hits

White woman
Skinny white demon
Why don't you go

White lion
don't deserve my loving
Just Leave me alone

Until death she’ll be giving me hell
She points the finger at everyone else
Somebody i don’t wanna be
So goodnight skinny white bitch i’m free
They may call me a weaker man,
But you just wouldn’t let go of my hand
And you were slipping me cyanide
You might even try to steal my eyes.
Track Name: Comeback
How many ways can a man be sold
Break him down day by day
Leave it all up to the little man
He's got to be loud and proud to survive

So come on in, you got away
That’s not your scene
You have got to sooner get your day
Come on in, you gotta stay
We were the best then
But we never (3x)
Just never got paid

How many ways can a man be lost
Buried deep, paying dues
Figure it out there's a way to do
What you must, what you should

Come back inside
You’ve been gone too long it’s a cold night
Leave when you’re an old man
Make them pay in the meantime

You don't know me
You don't know my name
You think you know my kind
But you missed

When I go
What will I regret
What will they remember
Will it get me, Will it get you

I see it coming i’m on the way back
I’m on fire, got to keep on moving
If I go on, they say i’m wrong
If I stay i’ll be killing my song
Call me, tell me,
Remind me who i’m supposed to be
Brother, sister, i’ll be counting on you
Track Name: Baby You Were Made in Paris
It's only 5 weeks
She takes a day at a time
She's got a welcome disease
I've got to be her man

She lives by the ocean
She's looking out
She'll never be trapped
But she's my girl

She'll carry it through
Likes she's done it before

She's in a foreign land
Where I don't ever tread
I pray she finds the way
Cause I am just a man

Hear me baby
Here's what I'm prepared to do
I'll lay me down if it means I stand up for you
I don't even know what it means to love you yet
But every single day it's getting stronger
Track Name: Lost
Early on, I met a man
Such a definite plan
He’d been following some girl’s wallowing
Swore by this, as the way to the end
Go about this far, don’t ever bend
You're guaranteed, to get to the other side


She told me i was lost
I told her she’s got some nerve
She told me i was wrong
I said, you better watch yourself now
I told her what I know
She said I don’t believe you
I’m making my move
Nobody’s gonna tell you the truth

I'm someways down a road
How far to go I don't know
The map is never clear, and really, nobody knows
The night is longer than any you remember
But the days can be better than a hot September

The light isn't always in the cleanest corner 
It may be dark in the brightest pane

Fall in, or go where you know you should
Love and faith are blind
If you should get lost along the way
You will surely find
Track Name: Slow Groove
Say you’ll be happy when the money’s gone
I am the loser and maybe its OK
I’m setting sail for the promised land
She has been calling me for several years now

I’m on fire
Oh, I’m on loan

I gave her my words
She took them and ran
I trusted my youth to her hands
And she’s back and you’ll have to get used to it

Oh, She does it to me

She mixes well with either Rye or wine
Sometimes i play her, oh, or i just listen
She’ll pay the bills honey, I promise you
Sometimes she plays me oh and i just listen

Oh, She wants to come
Into our bed

Oh, she does it to me

Well she’s made me and shaped me and sucked me dry
Oh she gives me comfort at the strangest times

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